Roe V. Wade Protests: Police in Riot Gear at the Supreme Court

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Abortion- rights andanti-abortion lawyers crowded around the Supreme Court after Roe was capsized.

Videos of police in hoot gear heading to the court circulated on social media. 

In his reflections, President Joe Biden prompted for" peaceful demurrers." 

As peaceful demurrers formed outside the Supreme Court following its decision to capsize Roev.

Wade on Friday, Capitol Police in hoot gear were seen marching towards the Court to meet protestors. 

In one vid, posted on Twitter by CNN pressman Manu Raju, dozens of Capitol police officers marched down from the Capitol structure and towards the Supreme Court.

Law enforcement so closed streets around the high court. 

" We must stand against violence in any cast, regardless of your explanation," the chairman said. 

© Brandon Bell/Getty Images

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© Brandon Bell/Getty Images

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