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Greitens slammed for ‘RINO hunting’ campaign ad

“Today we’re goin’ RINO hunting,” Greitens announces in the video, using the acronym for the derisive phrase “Republicans in Name Only."

25 sep, 2020

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2 hours agoMediaiteTwitter, Facebook Crack Down on Eric Greitens' RINO Ad

- Voltaire

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‘RINO hunting’

The tactical team then busts open the door, detonates smoke bombs inside and storms through with their guns drawn.

The ad was posted Monday morning to various social media accounts belonging to Greitens and his Senate campaign.

The video was removed from Facebook “for violating our policies  and incitement,” according to Facebook spokesman Andy Stone, but video remained on Twitter and YouTube as of early Monday afternoon.

Representatives For The Republican Party, The National Republican Senatorial Committee And Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Did Not Respond To Requests For Comment.

Cristiano Lima and Rosalind Helderman contributed to this report.

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