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Former rebel Gustavo Petro wins Colombia's presidential election

Outgoing conservative President Iván Duque congratulated Petro shortly after results were announced, and Hernández quickly conceded his defeat.

A  child sits in the "Rodolfoneta" holding a national flag during a caravan showing support for president candidate Rodolfo Hernandez a day ahead of the country's presidential run-off, in Bucaramanga.

About 21.6 million of the 39 million eligible voters cast a ballot Sunday. Control has been above 40% in every presidential election since 1990.

Colombia also elected its first Black woman to be VC.

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement that the Biden administration looks forward to working with Petro.

What He Was Said?

Petro won 40% of the votes in the initial round and Hernández 28%, but the difference quickly narrowed as Hernández began to attract so-called anti-Petrista voters.

Official figures show that 39% of Colombia's lived on less than $89 a month last year.

The pandemic set back the country's anti-poverty efforts by at least a decade.

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