Wennington fire: Major incidents declared after blazes drive people from their homes

It is believed between five to seven homes have been set alight in a blaze in Wennington,

Greater London – with more fires seen across the south of England

Firefighters run short of water as they battle to stop the blaze from spreading to nearby Rainham

People are being left with nothing as they flee houses destroyed in the blaze, local residents tell

Havering Council scrambles to provide shelter and water to those evacuated on the hottest day on record

Dry and hot conditions on Tuesday lead to blazes across the country – with London Fire Brigade,

Leicestershire Fire and Rescue Service and South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue declaring major incidents as their services are overstretched

Houses were alight during an incident in Barnsley

Boris Johnson thanks firefighters “working incredibly hard to keep us safe on this scorching day”

London Fire Brigade scrambled 15 fire engines, and the London Ambulance Service said it was “treating patients on the scene”.

Havering Council declared a major incident, adding: “We’re advising residents to stay at home,

if possible, keep your windows closed and avoid the Wennington area.”