November 28, 2022

There could be a solution for global warming! Once more, the poles will be frozen.

Worldwide warming Day by day, it is becoming a more significant issue. Scientists started to work hard in this situation. The north and south poles being refrozen may help to control the climate catastrophe, according to scientists.

Researchers in a recent study led by Wake Smith at Yale University proposed that aerosol particles released into the sky by aircraft might stop the melting of ice sheets by partially obstructing sunlight, which would chill the ice poles.

There could be a solution to global warming! Once more, the poles will be frozen.

By delaying the melting of the ice, scientists think this might help control the issue of increasing sea levels. The stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI) idea will cost £10 billion a year, but researchers claim it will be less expensive than alternative approaches to addressing the climate catastrophe.

According to the strategy outlined in Environmental Research Communications, this would need around 175,000 flights annually, which would result in the emission of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

The strategy, according to Mr. Smith, the study’s lead author, will simply address a symptom of the climate issue rather than its root. The quantity of greenhouse gases that will be emitted into the environment makes the study contentious.

But most scientists agree with the strategy. Scientists are now concerned about the fight against global warming since it is harming our planet.

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