November 28, 2022

Rockstar is searching for an “Investigation Analyst” with a history in information gathering to enhance security.

The recent Rockstar breach rocked the whole industry to its core and sparked several discussions on the propriety of leaks and the varied effects they have on not just the businesses, but also the people working on the games that are released.

According to reports, Rockstar Games is currently seeking an investigation analyst to strengthen its security and surveillance procedures to ensure that this does not happen again.

Major conclusions:

An investigation analyst is needed by Rockstar.
A “strong history in intelligence collection, monitoring, and reporting” is preferred by the candidate.
Rockstar’s response to the hack was that it was unconcerned by the assault and that its development will proceed at its previous rate.

Rockstar, despite their seeming indifference, must have been incredibly dissatisfied, and it would not be surprising if they took steps to ensure that it never happened again given their reputation in the industry as being extremely secretive.

Currently, a new job listing seems to imply that Rockstar has begun to take the necessary steps and procedures to tighten its security. The job posting for “Investigation Analyst” covers a number of items that might interest many people. Nevertheless, one aspect of the description sticks out:

Rockstar is looking for a dedicated analyst to assist in driving our various Security and HR initiatives. The successful candidate is committed to keeping our games and services fun for our players through defense against cheaters, hackers, exploiters, and any and all troublemakers. If you consider yourself an expert and champion in Open Source Intelligence, various types of investigations, monitoring and preparing reports on individual subjects then this may be the job for you.

The position was initially advertised on June 10, 2022, however, it was most recently modified on September 23, 2022, most likely in response to the attack. According to the job description and responsibilities, the person will not only conduct investigations into departments but also maybe into specific individuals.

Monitoring possible threats, helping with investigations, writing reports on inquiries and information gathering, and reacting to “emergency circumstances and security crises” are among the duties.

Rockstar security job listing

Aside from monitoring and maintaining intelligence on various threat actors, the person will also be required to support the day-to-day operations of the Investigations program. This is likely to be done to keep departments and people in check and stop further leaks. Additionally, “Assist in reacting to emergency circumstances and security events” would be expected of the person.

Rockstar Investigation analyst new job qualifications

The credentials, in this case, are of great interest:

  • Strong history in monitoring, collecting, and reporting intelligence.
  • Having experience carrying out many kinds of investigations.

It only goes to show how serious Rockstar is about dealing with this problem and preventing it from happening again. To better detect potential risks to the secret of Rockstar’s ongoing initiatives, the candidate must have a good history in intelligence collecting, monitoring, and reporting.

In order to be able to handle any circumstance and complete the task in the most effective way possible, the person must also have experience carrying out various sorts of investigations.

Rockstar appears to be quite committed to keeping things even more under wraps going forward, as it should be. Due to the game’s early disclosure, the general public has come to believe that it is not even somewhat outstanding, which has caused Rockstar to face a number of problems.

Even while it was relatively amazing to the trained eye and those in the know, the game was still in its very early stages, so it is understandable why it appeared that way. However, because many people are unaware of the specifics of how game production works, it caused a significant outcry in the community.

With every entry in the Grand Theft Auto series, Rockstar has managed to wow fans, and maybe GTA 6 will do the same. It should be noted that Rockstar also mentioned a number of additional positions. Among these, to name a few:

  • Motion Capture R&D Developer
  • Graphics Programmer
  • Audio Designer
  • Technical Game Designer

This is expected given that the developer is still working on Grand Theft Auto 6. We also learned a lot of new information about GTA 6 and anticipate it to be a fantastic game.

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