December 3, 2022

When deciding on web hosting, the cost is frequently a consideration. However, you could be tempted to forgo a strong feature set in favor of something that fits your price range. Never accept the cheapest offer without first considering the contents of the package. It is crucial to conduct some study beforehand. Our Hostinger review will examine this cost-effective choice and provide you with the details you need to make an informed choice.

Due in part to its WordPress-specific plans, Hostinger has evolved from a modest web host to one used by over 29 million users in just over ten years. Additionally, Hostinger makes its server status available to the public and frequently maintains high uptimes.

It makes sense why so many new website owners find this to be a desirable alternative.

In this Hostinger review, we’ll look at key elements, such as features and performance, to help you decide whether this host is worth your time and money. Let’s get started!

Hostinger review for WordPress: Features

hostinger reviewTo start with, let’s take a look at some of the Plans Hostinger Offers. You’ll find a full range of options here, including shared, cloud, virtual private server (VPS), and dedicated plans.

Additionally, if you choose a WordPress-specific package, you’ll get a one-click installation and more support choices. These shared hosting plans are affordable and suitable for many different kinds of websites. Additionally, you can select from the single, premium, or business plans, however, WooCommerce users are advised to go with the latter.

Hostinger can help if you’re thinking about using a shared plan to launch your website. Some of its attributes are:

  • 24-hour WordPress support in more than 20 languages
  • WordPress installation in one click
  • a cost-free domain
  • enhanced security features, including free SSL certificates and regular backups
  • almost limitless bandwidth

As you can see, Hostinger offers a good selection of features with their shared WordPress services. You will have everything you need if you’re like most new website owners. In addition, all of this is available at a cheap price, which we’ll get to in a minute. Let’s first examine the help you’ll receive.

Assistance options

Support is second in importance to pricing for many consumers among hosting features. You’re sure to have some inquiries when you set up your website with shared WordPress hosting. Despite the abundance of instructional articles and useful ideas on the internet, having a direct line to support is always beneficial.

The good news is that Hostinger’s customer service staff offers 24/7 help in more than 20 languages. You may either phone them or leave a message for them:


We issued a broad inquiry of our own and waited to see how Hostinger would answer. In a little more than four minutes, we got a response, which is decent but not great:


The support agent we dealt with was generally cordial and helpful. The discussion provided clear explanations and important knowledge that might be put to use. Hostinger is simple to get in touch with and has decent response times for any common questions you may have.


Above all else, the efficiency of a web host’s servers serves as a benchmark. After all, a quick website is essential for giving visitors a good user experience (UX) and decreasing your bounce rate. Fortunately, Hostinger provides the following features that are focused on performance:

  • Hardware for Solid State Drives (SSD)
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.9%
  • specialized cache manager

Even better, unlike many other hosting companies, Hostinger makes server performance data available to the public. This provides uptime information for the previous day, week, and month:


The length of time a server is completely operational and online is shown by its uptime. In general, you want to be as even and near to 100% as you can. 45 minutes each month equates to 1% downtime. As you can see from the image above, one of the costs associated with Hostinger’s low rates is that its uptime can occasionally be erratic.

In this situation, even 10 minutes of downtime every day is possible due to numbers that can drop as low as 99.3% at times. Very bad.

Pingdom page speed testing

Of course, hearing about performance in the actual world is also beneficial. To achieve that, we may make use of Pingdom to examine page loading times and Load Impact to measure page speeds.

Let’s do some page speed tests first. Pingdom is a useful and well-liked tool for this, and a simple test is offered without charge. To finish our test, we installed the WordPress Theme Unit Test Data and the default theme on Hostinger’s servers. We also included a few plugins that covered a variety of necessary functionality. Then, we entered the URL of our website into Pingdom and conducted the test from a number of different places.

The averages of three tests from each site are shown in the results below:

  • 0.81 seconds in Washington, D.C.
  • Los Angeles: 1.12 seconds
  • 0.54 seconds in London
  • 2.49 seconds in Sydney
  • Tokyo: 1.57 sec.

These outcomes are often fairly favorable. Your website should load in under two seconds, according to best practices. Anything more than that might negatively affect your bounce rate (how many visitors leave after viewing only one page).

These findings show that Hostinger’s servers are working admirably in London and fairly well on either side of the United States. The two more places we checked are also within permissible bounds. This information leads us to the conclusion that Hostinger will likely offer sufficient speed throughout much of the English-speaking world.

Testing of page speed with Load Impact

Let’s check how our website handles visitors next. We’ll need a specialized tool for this, called Load Impact. This enables you to test how well your website performs under load by simulating a large number of virtual users.

In order to evaluate how well the tool would work, we ran our test site through it:

Results of the Load Impact test.

This test showed that loading times were often reliable. Although there was some choppy response time (blue line) as the requests rate grew (purple line), Load Impact could not discover any performance concerns.

The shared servers from Hostinger will work just fine for many websites. However, it might be best to take into account an upgraded plan if you intend to maintain a high-traffic site or see sudden fluctuations when your site is live.

Pricing for Hostinger

The price area of our Hostinger evaluation is the last. This will likely rank among the most crucial considerations for many people when choosing a web host. After all, fantastic hosting won’t help you much if it costs too much.

In light of this, Hostinger offers several services at unexpectedly affordable prices. For instance, a single website has an introductory price of only $1.99 per month (applicable just to your initial billing cycle):

You can acquire a free domain name to go with your hosting if you’re prepared to pay a little bit more ($2.89 per month). Higher-tier subscriptions also provide you access to limitless website creation on your account and provide free backups.

Hostinger offers sophisticated hosting alternatives in addition to its entry-level hosting packages, such as cloud hosting ($9.99), VPS hosting ($2.49), email hosting ($0.99), Windows VPS hosting ($26.0), and Minecraft server hosting ($6.95).

Overall, Hostinger is a pretty inexpensive choice. This is especially accurate when taking into account server speeds. This is a terrific starting point for beginners, and as your site develops, you can always consider increasing your plan.

The overall Pros & Cons?

Let’s quickly analyze Hostinger’s advantages and disadvantages before we conclude our study. After all, before choosing a web host, it’s crucial to take the big picture into account.


  • Free domain registration and simple WordPress setup
  • inexpensive shared hosting packages
  • favorable performance results, especially for the US and the UK
  • Publicly available server status


  • Moderate support response times
  • Results for areas outside of the US and UK are modest.
  • The uptime is not entirely trustworthy.


Overall, Hostinger is a solid option for both seasoned and inexperienced WordPress developers. Fast speeds and skilled customer service are available. Although its general performance is strong, you could occasionally see performance blips on busy websites.

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