Fearless catcher William Contreras excited for meeting with brother Willson

Credit: Jason Getz / Jason.Getz@ajc.com

On Friday morning, In CHICAGO Braves catcher William Contreras came from the clubhouse to the batting pen, also to the ground for batting trial. He shagged fly balls in the Wrigley Field outfield and also headed in to take his round of swings.

Nobody of this was unusual.

But it comes with some meaning William and his brother, Cubs catcher Willson Contreras, both are awaited to start for their separate teams Saturday in another game of this series. This will be the first time in their big- league careers that either will walk into the batter’s box and know the other brother behind the plate.

“ It’s a dream come true, and I ’m actually just trying to take in this moment, ” William said before Friday’s game, through Braves practitioner Franco García. “ I’m enjoying it as much as I can. I’m just going to keep trying to take it in. I’m really happy to be then on my first trip to Chicago and Wrigley Field. I’m really looking forward to being in the same field as my brother. ”

Both brothers are integral parts of their clubs. Entering Friday, 24- time-old William had launched nine home runs and had a1.017 OPS over 94 at-bats, which has helped him earn further playing time. Meanwhile, 30- time-old Willson, one of baseball’s better catchers, has 12 home runs and a.932 OPS over 194 at-bats – and could be traded at the deadline.

William said the two have joked about who has the most power, but added his aged family tells him he’s proud of him for having such a suchlike homer count in smaller at-bats. multiple times, William has talked about adoring big brother. “ He’s just my illustration to follow, my part model, ” William said Friday.

The brothers ’ parents, William Contreras and Olga Castillo will be at Wrigley Field on Saturday to witness the special moment.

“ It’s commodity special for sure, ” William said. “ You suppose about it If it’s a dream come true for us, what’s it going to be like for them? For them especially, with all the offerings they made for us as we were growing up, I wouldn’t be surprised at each if they came to tears when the moment eventually happens. ”

This meeting of two brothers will be meaningful for all involved.
“ It was a dream of both of ours since we were little kiddies to be suitable to both be in the big leagues and kind of have that moment where we square off, face to face, at home plate, ” William said. “ And so I suppose for us, we’re really agitated, and I suppose we’re looking forward to the hereafter and just hoping that it ’ll be a beautiful moment. ”

McHugh returns
Collin McHugh, who just tested positive for COVID- 19, is back with the Braves. director Brian Snitker said he’s ready to go.

Snitker said McHugh threw a couple of bullpen sessions to stay prepared. The director made it sound as if there would be no restrictions.
The Braves designated right- hander Jacob Webb for assignment when they reinstated McHugh from the injured list Thursday.

Wrigley Field is special for Snitker
Snitker is from Macon, a small city in Illinois that’s around a three-hour drive from Chicago.

This, of course, is always a special trip for him.
“ It’s amazing, ” Snitker said. “ I grew up a Cub fan. My daddy went to high school down the road then. I spent a lot of time than with my grandparents in Chicago riding my bike through people’s yards and getting yelled at, getting the cops called on me, and effects like that. effects that the small-city boy didn’t get down with then. It’s great. ”

And also there’s the iconic, major ballpark.
“ This is pure baseball to me, ” Snitker said. “ I love this place. I love coming this time of time when the ivy is out. It’s just awful. ”

Coming man up
Braves chairman of baseball operations Alex Anthopoulos has told the story a ton of times As a youthful GM, he prioritized gift. When it didn’t always lead to further winning, he learned to incorporate team chemistry into his thinking when erecting his clubs.

This has worked. The Braves have won four successive National League East titles and a World Series. They’re imperishable contenders.
One reason They’re a platoon that shows it has a “ coming man up ” intelligence rather than using the catchy expression only as a rallying cry. The rearmost exemplar of Orlando Arcia, who has played well in a couple of games since Ozzie Albies suffered an injury.

But under Anthopoulos, the Braves have set up an identity on not missing a beat when the coming man up takes over.

“ I think it’s the makeup of the players. It’s fare, ” Snitker said. “ Alex is actually apprehensive of that when he puts a club together. Good for him that he realizes that. I suppose these guys enjoy being around each other, they like being a part of the team. I guarantee you there’s nothing happier for Orlando Arcia to do well than the other 25 guys that are his teammates because he’s front and center in the energy that he shows them when he’s not playing. ”

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