December 3, 2022

People carry flags from the Spanish CGT labor union as they demonstrate outside a Zara clothing store, an Inditex brand, on November 24, 2022, in Madrid, Spain, for a raise in pay despite rising inflation.

Capdigitals, November 25, MADRID – In order to demand higher wages, some 1,000 shop assistants who work for Zara and other clothing companies controlled by Inditex (ITX.MC) went on strike on Friday in the northern Spanish city where the firm is headquartered.

The majority of the shop workers in A Corua, where the fashion conglomerate maintains its headquarters on the outskirts of the city, gathered early in the morning outside the 44 Inditex stores.

Carmia Naveiro, a retail worker at Zara and the strike’s coordinator at the regional union CIG, claimed that nearly all of the Inditex shop assistants in A Corua were demonstrating on the streets today.

To deal with the rush for Black Friday discounts and special promotions, managers and non-striking staff kept most stores open, according to the union officials.

The start of the two-day strike on Thursday necessitated the temporary closure of two stores, one each for Zara and Massimo Dutti.

On Thursday, dozens of retail workers also demonstrated in front of Zara’s main store in Madrid, accusing Inditex of delaying necessary salary hikes despite skyrocketing inflation.

CIG is requesting a larger salary increase after rejecting the company’s most recent proposal to provide store assistants a 1,000 euro ($1,041) one-time bonus in 2023 and a 200 euro increase in their monthly earnings by 2024.

Two of the biggest unions in Spain, UGT and CCOO, agreed to the idea last week, but other labor unions in A Corua and Madrid are asking for at least double the increases proposed.

They contend that the increased workload of shop assistants due to online orders justifies raising wages to around 2,000 euros per month, or about what warehouse workers at Inditex make.

According to the unions, Inditex shop assistants in Madrid and A Corua currently make less than 1,400 euros per month.

In 177 nations, the store has 165,000 employees. They work in its 6,477 shops, where almost 86% do.

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